SAVE THE  (nonrenewable) RESOURCES !!!!!!

We need nonrenewable resources for  really only a few things, so use renewable resources for the things  that don't need  nonrenewable resources for. Again, it will save our economy!    

                               Natural resources:  things that we use that come from nature.


                      Nonrenewable resources : natural resources that won't come back or come back for awhile.

Examples:  coal, oil ,iron ,gold and gas

Renewable resources:  resources that come back quickly and will not go away in our lifetime.

                      Examples : trees,water, fruit,veggies,sunlight ,geothermal energy and hydroelectric energy.

We are losing nonrenewable resources! Turn to renewable resources instead to help conserve the  nonrenewable ones and save the world!

   We need to conserve the fossil fuels or we just might end up having to use dinosaur bones! Life isn't a video game where everything fixes itself. That would be cool, but that's just not how life works. SO , WHAT'RE YOU WAITING FOR?! GO ON! SAVE THE NONRENEWABLE RESOURCES AND THE WORLD WILL THANK YOU!

windmills are a perfect example of renewable resources.
another perfect example of a renewable energy reource

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