Michael J. Fox



michael andrew fox was born on june 9 in edmonton from police officer, Canadian Forces member William Fox and actress, payroll clerk Phyllis Piper. The foxes lived in various towns and cities across canada because of his fathers career.  The family finally moved to the vancouver  suburb of burnaby british columbia when his father retired in 1971. His father died on january,6, 1990 from a heart attack. Michael went to burnaby central secondary school and now he has theatre named after him in burnaby secondary school. He started acting when he was twelve in leo and me.


foxes first feature films were midnite madness(1908) and class of 1984 (1982).He started playing a lawyer in the show family ties for seven years from 1982 to 1989.He received the role only after the actor they wanted refused the job.After a while he got removed from the show.He found his wife tracy pollan who portrayed his girlfriend ellen.He also auditioned for ordinary people.

later career

fox's acting dabew  was in back to the future which he was actually working o family ties so he was almost recast but he took the job  and had to work from 7am to 6 pm and then rush over to the back to the future set and worked till 230 am


Fox started displaying symptoms of early-onset Parkinson's disease in 1990 while shooting the movie doc hollywood, although he was not properly diagnosed until the next year.After his diagnosis, Fox began drinking more heavily than in the past, however, he looked for help and stopped drinking altogether. In 1998, he decided to go public with his condition, and since then he has been a strong advocate of Parkinson's disease research.His foundation, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, was created to help advance every promising research path to curing Parkinson's disease, including embryonic stem cell studies.So he has persevered over parkinsons disease by making a research foundation and also has been an advocate to research    

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