Biomedical Engineer  

Jamie Stites

Biomedical Engineering:

Without biomedical engineers, we wouldn't have any of the modern medicines that are available today. Biomedical engineers design many things that we couldn't live without, mostly things used in hospitals, such as incubators for premature babies, medicines to fight viruses and diseases, and radio tracers to do PET scans, etc.

Some projects you might do if you are a biomedical engineer include:

-grow tissues that help repair damage from heart attacks

-create a prosthetic leg (specifically designed for children)

-develop cancer treatments that don’t cause debilitating side effects

I think biomedical engineering is very interesting because I think it would be really cool and satisfying to try to find a cancer treatment that doesn't cause hair to fall out, or to make a prosthetic leg so that a child will be able to walk. Also, my brother is studying to be a biomedical engineer so it's interesting to learn about what his career will be like.


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