Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain was born at Brouage,in the Saintonge province of Western France in 1574. Samuel died Christmas day(December 25), 1635 in Quebec City. Samuel explored for France. Samuel was not even twenty when he made his first voyage to Spain, then to West Indies and South America. He also visited Porto Rico( which is now Puerto Rico), Mexico, Columbia, the Bermudas and Panama. Samuel de Champlain also made 12 trips to North America between 1603- 1635.

    Samuel sailed from Honfleur on March 15, 1603. He had prepared to follow Jacques Cartier route that Jacques found in 1535. While on this voyage he explored the part of the Valley; Saguenay river. Then was lead to the existence of Hudson Bay. He then sailed up the St. Lawrence river to Hochelaga( now Montreal)

In 1608 Samuel decided to return to the Valley of St. Lawrence, more exact he went to Stadacona, which he called Quebec. When staying three years in Acadia, he found lots of time for exploration, description and map-making. Samuel journeyed close to 1 500 km along the Atlantic coast, from Maine all the way to Southernmost Cape Cod. While the settlers were tiling, building, hunting, and fishing Samuel would carry on with his tasks; which included investigating the coastline and looking for safe harbors.

During Samuel's actual trip he didn't seem to face any challenges, but I do know that getting his crew together took time. He didn't have enough people at first and getting the food and tools they need for the trip was a struggle.

Samuel de Champlain explored Atlantic's coastline(in Acadia), interior of Canada, the great lakes region. When exploring all these places he established friendly relationships with aboriginals. And for many years Samuel was the chief person for administrating the colony of Quebec. Samuel's relationship with natives and aboriginals was good, he was able to form alliances with native people in Canada.  Samuel was also required to act as a diplomat; some one who can deal with people in a sensitive and effective way. Samuel dealt with the aboriginal people that Dugua wanted to get to know better. Dugua was an explorer who organized the journey with Samuel de Champlain.

Why should Samuel de Champlain be in the Hall of Fame?

I think Samuel de Champlain should be in the Canadian Explores Hall of Fame because he was a big part of Canadian history in ways like how he explored and found the existence of Hudson Bay, he was always exploring in ways to help Canada. Examples when Samuel explored certain parts of Canada, he always went far beyond others. Samuel did map-making, he built very friendly relationships with the natives and aboriginal people, he participated in the French colonies in Acadia, Québec  and Trois-Riviéres.Personally a big reason that I think Samuel de Champlain should be in the Hall of Fame is because the way he interacted with others like our First Nations was really kind and thoughtful. Along with everything he has explored including Sagueny river, Hudson Bay, Québec, Acadia and multiple other places located some where either then  Canada. Along with all this Samuel de Champlain published four books as well as several maps of North  America.



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