Mavishka Lankatilleke

Day 1

Today, we made models of robots out of clay and legos. I made a clay dragon with cannons on its back. I chose to make a dragon because I like dragons and they're easy to make. I made it robotic by adding cannons.

My Clay Dragon

Day 2

Today, we first made individual models of castles out of clay. I made a submarine castle. I was at first going to make a regular castle, but the main body folded into a boat, so I continued to make the castle into a submarine. On Day 5, I designed my submarine castle on Tinkercad.

My Submarine Castle

Then we split into groups and made bigger castles out of cardboard boxes. I was in a group with Dominic, Gretchen, and Lucas. We made a castle called Castle Grunchen. It has three floors, a big TV, a moving draw bridge, a second gate, and we used pictures on our phones as the royal family.

Castle Grunchen

Day 3

Today, we learned how 3D printers are used to benefit society. They are used in the field of medicine to make organs and prosthetics. We also learned how to use Tinker-cad. We did a bunch of lessons, and we made our own designs. I made a music note, and the symbol for the Flash.

Eighth Note

The design of the music note was not very good because the hanging part of the music note drooped down. We had to take off the dried extra filament.

Day 4

Today, we learned about Tackk, and the presentation of our 3D models. We remade Key Chains with our names on it. All of our Key Chains have been printed out. Also, we started digital journals for our two weeks of camp. My Key Chain is shown below:

Key Chain

Day 5

Today, we designed castles on Tinkrecad. Some people, like me, created our original castle designs from Day 2 on Tinkercad. Others used templates from a separate website and modified them. I modified the design of my submarine castle to include two columns, longer cannons, two extra cannons on the bottom, and a ridge around the base of the columns. I also added a base of water with sharks circling the castle.

Design of Submarine Castle

Day 6

Today, we started our independent projects. I am making a space station for the Justice League. It is going to have the symbols logos for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. They will be surrounding a cylinder structure which is the main building. This is what I have so far.

Justice League Space Station (Unfinished)

Day 7

Today, we continued working on our independent projects. Most of us finished and downloaded our projects to the 3D Printer queue. I finished the main piece and I also made the entrance for the space station. The Entrance has JLA, a rocket, and a phone booth. The main part of the base has Superman's logo, Batman's logo, Wonder Woman's logo, and the Flash's logo.

Main Base of the Space Station
Entrance for the Space Station

Day 8

Today, I made a car. It is not exactly finished. It needs a bit more editing. I need to add a sun roof, a window for the back, and fix the wheels.

Race Car

I also made a name pyramid. I made two pyramids and put them together. Each side has a letter of my name on it. However, I have to split the pyramids up and flip the bottom one over in order to print it.

Name Pyramid

Day 9

Today, I made a Dragon Train. It was originally supposed to be a dragon like the one from Day 1. However, I changed it to become more of a serpent than a dragon. Then, after some editing of my serpent, I realized that I should make my creation into a Dragon Train. I got the idea from a Halloween train on Scooby Doo. I also made stairs, and a conductor. My train is known as the Green Dragon Express

The Green Dragon Express

Outside of Camp

This Flag I made just for today because the theme of today's showcase is the Star Spangled Banner.

American Flag 1812