Images Of God

Jaylah Carter

Unconditional LoveI see god in my life today as somebody who loves me unconditionally. Through all my mistakes, and other sins that I have done, god is somebody who will always love me. God will accept me who I am as a person, no matter what I have done that may be beyond. If I pray and ask god to forgive me and accept me in the way that I am he will. I relate to god in many different ways such as, a person who is loving, and caring. In my heart and soul god is related me spiritually, emotionally. This God wants to say that even though I am not perfect, and have made many mistakes in my life, I am going to be forgiven and loved. This image shows me that he created all humans to make mistakes/sin because we are not perfect. We learn from our mistakes, and with that god always will accept us and love us just the way that we are. We are loved like no other; our love is strong, patient, kind, tolerable, and deep. Nothing cannot interfere with our love. It is unconditional love that will never die, and it will always will last forever. God is somebody who guides me through life and blesses me with life. He does things to me for a reason as in experiences that may be good or bad, God has ways that shows us life in a different perspective that what we normally see. It can change the way we think about life and make us appreciate it more. Even though life may not be easy, it is a long road where come create ourselves to whom God plans for us to be.

Bread of Life

Bread of Life I see that I am nourished by the bread of life by god. That I am a person who is loved, nourished and nutritional. I relate to this god because god I am person who has spiritual growth and have deeper love , and cared for. He gave me life and he created us as the bread of life. He nourishes us within his soul and gives us thenourishment that we need. He is caring with a deep and loving relationships and loves us in various forms. He gives us bread, as his life as he sacrificed us for us for his sins. He gives us the bread of life to represent us as humans, and be the bread of life. To be loved in various ways we are the bread of his life and alway will be. We are nourished, loved and saved by god and also Jesus. They made a way for humans to live and we make mistakes and we sin as well but also learn everything and that is very important in life to learn and move on from the past and into the future.


I see god in my life today as healer who soothes my pain from suffering, pain and distress. To heal me with his powerful hands protecting me and giving me strength and courage.I relate to that god in many ways to be a powerful person who helps you out, and helps when you are not good, and free you from all the pain you had or may have in your life. To be free and not always stressed. That god says to me don't worry I will help you when are stressed, and when you are in pain, and are suffering. I will make you stronger and help you and heal you with my powerful hands, and to be happy and free. This images teaches me that god will heal us with his power, when we may suffer and will help us through things . But he will guide us through all, and heal us but sometimes we have to help ourselves.

Prayer to healer, unconditional love god:

God give me the strength and help me through my suffering

Love me unconditionally even though I am not perfect

Help me with your powerful and strong hands

To heal me and love through all my mistakes

And also my sins and to make me a stronger person

Each and everyday.

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