Sand cats

by: Cody Naylor


They live in north Africa Southwest and Central Asia sand cats are found in rocky and sandy deserts living in areas far from water. having thickly furred feet They can survive well under the extremes of a desert environment and can stand up to cold and hot temperatures. this species is listed as near threatened by IUCN.


The sand cat is a small stocky cat with short legs and a long tail. the fur is a pale sandy color. some sand cats have different markings in their fur then others some have no spots or stripes and some cats are spotted and striped. They have striped tails and legs.


Primarily Nocturnal they hunt by digging. their highly developed hearing helps them hunt Their primary diet consists of three species gerbils birds reptiles and arthropods. they are able to kill snakes bye biting their necks. and when they kill bigger prey they will cover it with sand and come back later to feed.