By : K.Green

Watershed? HUh?

A watershed is an area of high water to low water and emptying out into a larger body of water

Source is what?

Source is where the water starts

This is a water source in Challis, Idaho

Headwaters are what?

Headwaters are extreme upper reaches of a stream. There is not lots of plants and sun near a headwater.

This picture contains the headwaters of Bryant Creek.

Tributary? What's that?

A tributary is a stream or a river that flows into a mainstream.

A tributary from the Truckee river.

Floodplain? What?

A floodplain is a wide and flat area along a river that floods.

A Flood in Chehalis.

Downwaters? What?

A downwater is between the headwaters and floodplain

Downwaters of Vermillion River.


A mouth is where a river flows out to a large body of water. A delta is sediment that build up where it flows out.

Mississippi River delta.

Divide does what?

A divide seperates watersheds, usually mountain ranges.

Mt.Hotham divide

Great Basin! Is that a sink?

A  great basin is where water doesn't flow into the ocean.

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