How to stop the bullying at schools, homes and in class

Never let anybody take your fame

Spinelli, Jerry "Crash" : USA , 1992, printed 1998

" If you ever want to see your turtle alive again, be sure to eat meat at the cafeteria on Monday. I'll be watching." In the book Crash by Jerry Spinelli Crash is a football player, who likes to prank on his friends. Mike told Crash not to prank Penn Webb because he would lose friends.

The passage is don't pick on anybody or else something might happen to you also.

First, fiscal bullying isn't ok because when someone is being bullied on, it hurts them," she took her hand out of mine. For a second time in 5 minutes I heard the word NO." Touching someone, or continue to touch them when they are telling you no mire than once is considered bullying because if a person doesn't want to be touched by a person who is bugging the victim continues to touch you is bullying. Crash kept on bugging Jane when she said no to Crash. Finally,Jane try's to walk away from Crash, but he still is bugging Jane when she ignores him, and walks away. If Crash keeps on bugging Jane then something will happen to him.

Second, Crash puts mustard in Penn Webbs shoes " Mike nods. Crash pulls out the mustard, shakes it, leans over, then gave it a good long shot into that baby." After Crash puts the mustard in Penn Webbs shoes, Webb wasn't happy. Also, when class was over Crash and Mike ran down the hallway were Webb couldn't see them. Then waited for him to come out of class so that they could laugh, but when Webb came out of class he walked like nothing happened to him. Putting mustard in anybody's shoes isn't that really funny unless you out mustard in your own shoes, but it isn't really necessary because it would take along time to get stains off of cloth.

These support the the theme because Crash puts mustard in Webbs shoes. Then he would be laughed at by Mike and Crash when he walks out of class. Then something happened to Crash. He got rejected by a girl. So it's not ok to pick on people because people are motional and you would lose friends.

Third, Crash started to call Webb names. "It was whistling, it was coming from a dorky little runt walking up the sidewalk. Just he wasn't walking regularly." Crash called Webb a dorky little runt. So Crash should pick on Webb if Webb did something to Crash. Picking on a weak person like Webb tells me that Crash is weak. If Cras picks on a kid that he barily even knows is a kid that respects his friends and family.

This support the topic sentience because calling someone a dorky little runt is kind of funny but it's just mean. What if someone called someone else a dorky little runt, you might cry, or you might get mad, and bully them. It affects people's life's because people are nice, and they just want to make friends.

Don't pick on anybody or else something will happen to you also. Crash keeps on picking on a weak, nice, harmless kid. So Crash thinks that he would get a lot of friends after hurting Webbs whole middle school. I think that when a person is being bullied they should be suspended from school for a month in a half.

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