Mary Wallstonecraft

By: Anna Kettlewood

                                         fighting for the rights of women

Newington Green

Marry Wallstonecraft lived in Newington Green in London

Where she went to the Unitarian Chapel in Newington Green (Unitarian)

She live from April 27, 1759-September 10, 1797

Mary also did not like absolute rule because she wanted women to have rights and be more them a house maid like most were at the time.

~She had to protect her mother from a drunken raged father

~Second of seven and oldest of the girls

~Mary was very well self educated

~She left the house at 19 to work as a lady's companion

~Mary was a lady's companion, seamstress, governess, and she teacher

~Mary moved to France at the end of 1792

Elizabeth was effected by Mary because she followed in Mary's footsteps of getting women's freedom.

Susan B. Anthony was effected by what Mary thought and preached.

Mary had a on going relationship with Henry they took it so far to get married and live together for a while but it was unsuccessful.

After Henry she got together with Gilbert Imlay in France and together they had one daughter.  

Last but not lest she she got together with William Godwin and had a daughter maned Mary Godwin.  This is when Mary dies from complications after birth.

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