A Film Review :
UP (2009)

"Up" is an animated movie. It is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The director is Pete Docter. He first began writing the story in 2004 and making film in 2009. The main characters in the movie named Carl Fredrickson and Russell. The old Carl Fredrickson was voiced by Edward Asner and the Russell was voiced by Jordan Nagal. Also,it received five Academy Award nominations.

Carl is a dreamer who idolises the adventurer Charles Munts. When he was a little boy, he met a little girl named Ellie, who is a Charles Munts fan.They realise each other have same interests until they become friends. They meet together, fall in love with each other, get married and build a house together. They have a happy life begin with their marriage and also they grow old. One day, Ellie suddenly ill and dies, Carl becomes alone. Until, Carl meet a little boy named Russell, who is a young wilderness Explorer. In order to fulfill Ellie's dream, he uses a thousands of balloon to move his house. Also,he starts an amazing and adventure skyward journey to Paradise Falls with Russell.

I hardly recommend this film for family entertainment. It is because it has some interesting scenes in the film.That's unsurprisingly delightful. On the vision, it is because they won Best Picture in  Oscars, so it will be really colourful when you watch the film. In this film, the most interested is use a section to tell the story between Carl and Ellie. Although it is a short part in the film, it still can attract the audience. I think that part is surprisingly touching in my heart. Anyway, I am satisfied with this film.

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