Cane toads

By Shylyn, Shelby, and Brittney

History: Cane toads were originally introduced to Australia from Hawaii. Since then they have spread rapidly south into New South Whales.

Appearance: Cane toads are large, heavily built frogs with dry, warty skin. They can be grey and olive brown And their stomach is filled with unique spots. Adults are about 10- 15 cm tall but can grow up to 23cm or more.

Habitat: They live in central and south America. They are found in sand dunes, coastal heath, man graves, and around rain forests.

Some Australians see cane toads as the worst invasive species in the country, worse than rabbits, foxes, and cats.

How to solve the invasion of cane toads
create a sleeping spray that only affects cane toads. Spray it on there food and it won't kill them it will just put them to sleep for eternity. it would work because it would only put some of the cane toads asleep. And there would not be as many to reproduce.

Cane toads were brought to Australia to eat the beetles that were destroying their crops. The unintended consequence was they spread everywhere.

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