Telluride and Silverton Mountain Ski Trip

March 17-23, 2013

Back by ridiculous demand is the annual ski all day and get loaded all night ski trip.  This year's trip will start out in Telluride, Colorado where we will arrive on Sunday, March 17th.  The plan is to ski Telluride Monday through Thursday.  On Friday, you will have the choice to hit the road, ski Telluride again if it dumps, or take our time and travel with the core group to ski Silverton mountain.  Anyone can go, and more people is always better.  There should be a good amount of people going, so even if you sign up by yourself, you should be able to find someone with a similar skill level to ski with.  Below are the details:


  • March 17th - 22nd
  • 6 Days 5 Nights ski in / out downtown accommodation with outdoor hot tubs and walking distance to the lifts.  Actual place will be announced after December 20th.
  • 4 Days Lift Passes with Friday an extra $50 if it dumps.  If not, we will sleep in and check out Ouray, CO on our way to Telluride (approx 2 hour drive). 
  • Cost is $463.  Note that this is if we only end up with an even number of 4 people due to planned costs of 4 per room.  Costs may be higher if we end up with an odd number of people, and will be equally divided among everyone on the trip.  I can go into more detail on this later. 

Silverton Mountain

  • This portion is optional and will need to be coordinated with the core group
  • March 24th
  • If enough people are interested and if costs work out, I'd like to get a private party together.  If  that doesn't work, a day is $139 plus $36 for the required beacon rental
  • Area hotels are about $100 per night to factor in as well

How to sign up

Contact me at and I will send you a link to signup.  You will have to pay a $75 non-refundable deposit by December 15th.  The remaining balance is due on January 20th.  I will then add you to the list of people going once you pay the deposit.  Note that this is for the Telluride portion only.  We will be coordinating the Silverton portion seperately. 

People going as of 11/20/2012:

  • Brent Janezic - Houston, TX
  • Charles Moore - Salt Lake City, UT
  • Matt Ardrey - Columbus, OH
  • Kristin McClement - New York, NY
  • Bryan Reed - Salt Lake City, UT

Kickass 2012 Highlight reel

Also note that Dave Del Priore will not be joining us this year due to an assortment of pathetic excuses:  

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