Name:Roi Elbaz
Book Name:Kidnapped
Author:Robert Louis Stevenson


The story takesplace in the woods in 1850-1894

comes to a man who was kidnapped by bandits

Identity card

Name:David Balfuor




Hobbies:to riding on the horse

Favorite food:pizza

Thing he likes least:to play football with friend

Dream for the future:to meet his father


1.The conflict of the story is that two robbers on a ship kidnapped David Balfour, they tortured him so much that they tied his hands and legs and his body even mice David Balfour was very sad and waited for help.

2.If a case story happened to me, which means that two robbers were grabbing me in my home immediately tries to call the police so that the police would help me and kill two robbers then I salvaged and come back to my home and my family


The climax in the story is that the two bandits kidnapped David did to him and beat him badly and then David 's friend came and rescued him from two robbers , killing them and then they went to the home of friend and have a cup of coffee This is also a change

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