Elementary Teacher

Brandon Milroy, Elementary Teacher

Professional Requirements

* One must have no less than a bachelor's degree

* One has to have student teaching experience

* One must have a teaching certificate

Education Requirements

* Four years of college is required for a bachelor's degree in teaching

* 12 - 18 weeks of student teaching is an educational requirement

* Teaching certificate is required also

College/Tech School

The college I have chosen is Augustana Collage. They are located by the Mississippi River in the city of Rock Island, Illinois. The total tuition for this collage is 48,671 dollars for the 2014-15 academic year.   

Words That I live By

The words that help me through everything come from multiple people. The words I do live by were spray painted on the side of a building by Banksy. The words are "Sorry! The lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock"-Banksy. This basically tells me that I need to be me because there are never two of the same personalities. I first heard this last year when I was fifteen. This quote has helped me in the past and I still use it today in everyday life. This quote will help me in the future since it has helped me so far.

My Role Model

     My role model is my uncle JJ. He has helped me and my family in the past and he always has a positive outlook on life. When I was younger he helped me with learning how to play baseball. Whenever I would get discouraged he would always tell me keep my head up and keep practicing and soon I will get it .

       The reason I chose him to be my role model is because he has been there for me for almost all of my life. He has gave me words of advice and has helped me in the past. He has showed me that even though things may get tough always keep your head up and just work through it.

Article About the Teaching Field


In the class room setting, students who know that failure is an option show to perform better in school. In the article "Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results" they explain how french students were given an anagram and and only one group was told failure is an option and that you should try again till you get it. They also said that "On subsequent tests, those children consistently outperformed their peers,"(Lipman 1). Children who are taught that failure is an option and you should always try again till they get it helps them perform better in school. Children who are taught this have shown to outperform their peers in subjects. Children learn to fear failure even though failure is apart of life and that when they fail they should figure out how they failed at and try again until they get it.

Lipman, Joanne. "Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results." The Wall             Street Journal. Dow Jones & Company, 27 Sept. 2013. Web. 21 May 2014.  <http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB100014240527023042139045     79095303368899132>.

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