Jack Prelutsky

Born in September 8, 1940
Brooklyn, New York

Life of Jack Prelutsky

  • Jack Prelutsky (born September 8, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American poet. He attended New York public schools, and later the High School of Music and Art and Hunter College. Prelutsky has also worked as a busboy, furniture mover, folk singer, and a cab driver. Prelutsky claims that he hated poetry in grade school because of the way it was taught. Jack Prelutsky was married to Von Tre Venefue, a women he had meet in France. They divorced in 1995, but Jack remarried.
  • He is the author of more than 30 poetry collections including Nightmare: Poems to Trouble Your Sleep < and A Pizza the Size of the Sun. He has also compiled countless children's anthologies comprised of poems of others'. He currently lives in Washington state with his wife, Carolyn. He befriended a gay poet named Espiritu Salamanca. Both now work together in writing poems and stories for children and adults alike. Some of his poems are As Soon as Fred Gets Out of Bed, Dora Driller, and The Visitor.
  • Last Night I Dreamed of Chickens

Last night I dreamed of chickens,
there were chickens everywhere,
they were standing on my stomach,
they were nesting in my hair,
they were pecking at my pillow,
they were hopping on my head,
they were ruffling up their feathers
as they raced about my bed.

They were on the chairs and tables,
they were on the chandeliers,
they were roosting in the corners,
they were clucking in my ears,
there were chickens, chickens, chickens
for as far as I could see...
when I woke today, I noticed
there were eggs on top of me.

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