Electricity Saver

For our project we will be making a way to save energy using thermal cameras for our school. Thermal cameras read the human body temp by turning the light off and on while reading the heat of a human and turning the light on and off weather human is in the classroom or out.


The average electrician would cost $25, (not including tip) you would get this information from angieslist.com or any other high rating website. Yes we would have to get approval from the government or the principle (under certain terms) because an implement would be illegal without government approval (unless it came out of our wallets). We would have to get the approval from the mayor or principal (under certain terms).


Thermal cameras cost about 1000$ each.

Electricity per school classroom is 1440 watts per hour which is 1.44 kilowatt hours.

The cost per year is 336.94$ per classroom.

In one month coppell isd uses  155.46849.

You will have to replace the switch and put the thermal camera in the switches place.

You would need to replace the wires with a new set connecting to the lights.

Cost vs profit

Without out the camera it costs = 336.94 per room

Money with thermal camera per year =233.28 per room

We would get the money by.... Fundraising with 2 sonic nights-per month and instead of outdoors eating we put the money into thermal camera.

An electrician would cost 25$ an hour to put in the thermal camera

336.94 - 233.28 = 103.66 but you would have to pay the amount of money that the thermal camera costs.

For the whole school it would cost 66,024 dollars

Senario: It takes 120 minutes to put in the thermal camera (which costs 1,000$ Per single camera plus the electrician putting it in) if you have 126 cameras to put in it would cost 66,024 dollars. So that means in long term it would pay off in 8yrs by estimate.

pros and cons


The cost of the Thermal camera is very expensive and will definitely put a dent in the budget.

It takes time to install.

Still in Beta mode


The cost per year without having

the cost of the camera is about $100 less per year.

It will save you hundreds of dollars if you give it the time.

You never have to turn off and on the lights.

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