Death Defying Selfies on High Places

  • Taking pictures of yourself has never been more popular especially when the word ‘selfie’ became widely known all over the world. From its beginnings as a simple hashtag made by those who love taking photos of themselves, the selfie has now taken new heights as daredevils are now taking over different high and low places just to take vanity to an entirely different level. So how do these people do death defying selfies?
  • Some people would do in rooftops of the highest buildings such as The Burj Khalifa or the Empre State Building, on top of a billboard structure, on top of a high statue, or maybe on top of the Eiffel Tower. Sometimes, others take a selfie even while on a freefall, with a parachute or riding inside a hot air balloon. Some other do it on the curbs of the rooftop building, not even scared that they might fall. People would take photos of themselves walking barefoot atop a mountain or on the sides of a cliff, with the use of powerful cameras that can withstand these harsh environments.
  • Or how about a selfie from the lowest part of the ocean, or a black hole underwater? These people have taken the word challenge to a whole new level, and most of them are very very hard to imitate. It’s not like making a duck face, or surprisingly, even putting a lot of masking tape on your face and then take a picture of yourself (yes, this weird act became a worldwide trend).
  • Some people even tend to use heavy equipment to go along their death defying photos. The use of construction equipment such as heavy trucks and cranes are very popular as well. If this is something you can do, you can ask for reliable crane parts supplier who can provide more drama with your selfie by adding additional crawler crane parts and mobile crane parts that can make you go higher than normal. Surely, nothing can beat that can be selfie, or maybe, we’ll never know what’s gonna come up next and from who.
  • It’s almost as if selfies are becoming more of an adventure, although sometimes it feels more like a stunt and as a way to get people’s attention. It’s either you get a positive compliments or harsh and violent reactions. But most times, we sure get to follow these people and just wait for their next death defying move. Truly, social media has contributed a large part of social interaction to be conducted online, and that’s what these selfies can actually do. So why don’t you start getting ready, grabbing that camera of yours, and start shooting some badass selfies that only you can think about.