Lead Your way to Success

My definition of success : Someone who is trying to reach their goals and does not let anything interrupt them of doing what they are achieving. Success is something everyone can do and get far in life and be happy and satisfy no matter what age you are.

My life motto is "Make every moment count."

"If your absent during my struggles, don't expect to be present during my success." The reason why I like this photo because if people only wanna be their when your somebody then they shouldn't be there when your a nobody.

- Will Smith

In my opinion success in life is getting your work done making sure your graduating and getting your diploma on time. Then Having a job or going to collage, i plan on being a model or a photographer. I also would like to get my own house and car with my husband. Then i would love to start a beautiful family as the day goes on later on in life. Last thing i plan on succeeding in life is making sure my kids in the future will have a better life growing up better then i did and make sure they do the same as me when i walk across the stage getting my diploma and making my mother proud.

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