Leopard Cubs Presentation!!

By Mystikal Gilligan-kingsley

Baby cub!

Leopard Cubs!

Leopards are among the largest of all cat species, inferior only to lions, tigers, panthers and jaguars in size and power. But leopard cubs are born weak, vulnerable and entirely reliant on their mother, only able to fend for themselves after years of practice and protection.

Cute baby cubs!

Facts about Leopards!

1. Leopards are well known for their cream and gold spotted fur, but some leopards have black fur with dark spots. These black leopards are often mistaken for panthers.

2. A leopard’s body is built for hunting. They have sleek, powerful bodies and can run at speeds of up to 57 kilometers per hour. They are also excellent swimmers and climbers and can leap and jump long distances.

3. A leopard’s tail is just about as long as its entire body. This helps it with balance and enables it to make sharp turns quickly.

4. Leopards protect their food from other animals by dragging it high up into the trees. A leopard will often leave their prey up in the tree for days and return only when they are hungry!

5. Female leopards give birth to a little of two or three cubs at a time. By the time a cub is two years old it will leave the company of its mother and live on their own.

6. When a female leopard is ready to mate she will give a scent and rub her body on the trees to leave her smell there. Male leopards either smell the females scent or hear her call to know that she is ready to mate.

Snow leopard!

Snow Leopard!

These rare, beautiful gray leopards live in the mountains of Central Asia. They are insulated by thick hair, and their wide, fur-covered feet act as natural snowshoes. Snow leopards have powerful legs and are tremendous leapers, They are able to jump as far as 15 meters.

Facts about leopards!

1.  Leopards are larger than a house cat, but leopards are the smallest members of the large cat category.

2. They grow to only 3 to 6.2 feet (92 to 190 centimeters) long.

3.  Their tail adds another 25 to 39 inches (64 to 99 cm) to their length.

4. Females typically weigh 46 to 132 pounds (21 to 60 kilos) and males usually weigh around 80 to 165 lbs. (36 to 75 kg)

5. These large cats can live in almost any type of habitat, including rain forests, deserts, woodlands, grassland, forests, mountain habitats, coastal scrubs, shrub lands and swampy areas. In fact, leopards live in more places than any other large cat.

6. Leopards are between 2-3 tall.


                                        Here is a short video about Leopards!


I really like Leopards. Because they are really interesting to study like when I started this presentation I learn heaps about baby leopards and normal sized leopards. I hope you enjoyed watching my presentation and listening to my video. By Mystikal Gilligan-kingsley.

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