DHF Maker Showcase Intro 2014

I made an introduction to Maker Showcase 2014 (Summer) Using Blender, Camtasia Studio 8, Paint, and Pixlr.

How I did it.

1. Open a flag picture in paint and do with it what you like., Personally, I put the Maker Camp sign where the stars would be and saved it.

2. I imported the flag into Blender as a plane.

3. I subdivided the flag into 10 pieces, and pinned the corners. Then, I turned the flag into cloth using a modifier

4. I positioned wind force (Under ''Force Fields") to where i wanted it, along with a good speed (3000)

5. I made the animation using AVI Raw, and saved it to the place I wanted.

6. I paired the Video with some music.

7. Next, I opened www.pixlr.com/editor and made a flag (regular U.S.) and changed the Opacity to 20 and saved to to a PNG.

8. I opened Camtasia and used the video in the beginning, followed by a slideshow with the transparent flag as the foreground.

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