Alyssia Quiles


One of the reins has broken on Slims horse. The leather strap whipped back and hit him in the face so he is headed back to the bunkhouse to grab his pain pills off the shelf above his bed. He arrives to find curleys wife, alone, sobbing at the table where they usually play cards. Slim walks over to ask curleys wife what’s wrong. Good-looking, what’s the sobbing for?” Curleys wife gestured with her hand on her chest how hurt she was. She says “ I’m sore as hell of curley treating me like I can’t have friends.” Mrs., well all you have to do is use your flapper to let him know how you feel.” Curleys wife is reluctantly taking deep breaths before beginning to speak again.

  Curleys wife instead, gets up and leaves. Slim continues to look for his pain pills, he couldn’t find them so he started to searching under the bed. Slim says to himself “Where could these pills be?” He couldn’t find them so he stopped looking. Curleys wife walks into the bunkhouse wiping her face and asked slim “why did you ask me why am I crying?” You are to beautiful to be crying and so upset slim says. Curleys wife walked up to slim with her arms open and they start to hug.

  Curleys wife continues to sob in slims chest.” He just doesn’t understand me, Im suppose to be his wife.” Curley wife cries. Slim gives her a kiss on the forehead and as he turns around to walk away, he realizes curley is standing there with a evil look on his face.

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