Fidel Castro

By Deniese M. Lopez

Born in August 13, 1926 near BirĂ¡n, Cuba.

Rise to power

     It all started with an association: Asociacion de Jovenes Rebeldes (meaning Association of Rebel Teenagers). The Association of Rebel Teenagers were founded by a group of teens that were born to poor families who have read about socialism and what it offered the poor. Their first rebel against Batista was a failure and so they fled to Sierra Maestra:

          There, they developed a program for educating the poor. Fidel Castro lead the rebel group to overthrow Batista. This time, they succeeded. Since Fidel Castro was leader of the group he became ruler of Cuba.

Government Style

          Castro publicly declared himself a Marxist-Leninist in late 1961 and became dependent on USSR (today known as Russia). Later the USA were convinced that Castro was a communist because he was dependent on USSR and building missile bases.

Domestic Priority

During his leadership he:

     ~ Punished the rich who mistreated the poor

     ~ Abolished legal discrimination

     ~ Brought electricity to Cuba's countryside

     ~ Provided full employment

     ~ Advanced causes of education and health care

     ~ And built new schools and medical facilities

April - Fidel Castro visiting new school

Also, Castro did:

~ Closed opposition newspapers

~ Jailed thousands of political opponents

~ And made no moves toward elections

Foreign Policies

          He lets Cubans go to Florida on tiny boats. Sometimes airplanes. But if you win the lottery, you might get a trip on airplane to Florida.

Current Event

          The old man is still alive. He's 88 years old. On January 9, 2014, he went out to check out a Havana Art studio.

          He's a fan of Wilfredo Lam's art work:

          Guess he likes this work of art:

"Shout Outs"

          Fidel Castro is mostly known for overthrowing Batista in Cuba. But here in the USA, he's known for arresting Cubans from USA that were to attack Cuba and stop the missile crisis that never happened (event known as Bay of Pigs). Russians know that he depended on them for military equipment. And Africans knew that he had troops at Africa.



          ~ My mom (yes, she's Cuban)