by Astrid and Griffin

this is a satellite view of a hurricane. the middle of a hurricane is called an eye.

Where do they mostly happen?

You won't usually find hurricanes forming in cold places or in the middle of a continent. Most places don't have the right weather for hurricanes and they are common in the Pacific ocean. All the hurricanes in North America and the number of people dying has dropped.

How do they happen/ how are they made?

Hurricanes usually form over the ocean.

Hurricanes can happen when there is lots of heavy snowfall and strong winds at the same time, the wind starts out small, but then starts to get dangerous.

If there is snow the wing blows snow around and fills the air in a "whiteout".

hurricanes can look a lot like forming tornadoes.

Where has the last one happened?

There was a big hurricane/blizzard in Iran. it began in 1972 and lasted for 7 days. Also, there was an Afghanistan blizzard/hurricane which was in 2008 and became deadly. There was also a British hurricane on October 21, 2014 and a major hurricane in Irene, 2011.

How dangerous are they?

Here are some reasons why hurricanes can be dangerous:

If people can't see where they're going, they can get stuck and die from the cold. they can still die even if thay are close to safety and if there is snow it can pile up into deep drifts.

Hurricanes and blizzards can give you frostbite. Also, hurricane wind span can be up to 600 miles across and winds can spiral at speeds from 75 - 200 mph.

Another reason why Hurricanes are dangerous is because a woman was killed by a falling tree and a man was killed by a falling van.

Fun facts

-The owner of a zoo found out that it was a warning that if flamingos are in the bathroom there was going to be a hurricane.

-In southern parts of the world, the eye of the hurricane spins in a clock-wise direction.

-The word 'hurricane' comes from the Taino native american word meaning evil spirit of the wind.

-The first time someone flew into a hurricane was in 1943, in world war II.

-Every second a large hurricane releases the energy of 10 atomic bombs.