Same Sex Marriages Legalized in 6 More American States

Reese Wetzel

Same-Sex-Marriages have not been legal in the USA for many years.  However, in the past year or two, it has started to be legalized in many different states due to court rulings stating that the prohibition of same sex marriage is unconstitutional.  24 states have gay marriage legalized so far, plus 6 new states(Idaho, Alaska, Arizona, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming)   that the US Attorney General, Eric Holden, has announced that same sex marriage is legalized in.  Also, the same sex couples will also be able to receive multiple federal benefits such as social security benefits.  However, even though there are 32 states that legalized it, there are still 18 states that still haven't legalized same sex marriage.

The ideals that have to do with this topic of same sex marriage are liberty and equality.  Liberty has to do with the legalization of same sex marriage because now that same sex marriage is legal in most states people are free to marry the gender who they desire, whether it be the same as their own or the opposite gender.  This leads right into the other ideal that this topic has to do with, equalityArticle Link.  The legalization of same sex marriage creates equality between gay/lesbian and heterosexual couples because the members of both couples can equally express their compassion to their significant other through marriage.  However, the fact that same sex marriage is legalized in some states, but not others creates inequality between the homosexual couples in states that same sex marriage is legalized and the homosexual couples in states that it is not.  They are unequal because the couples in states that legalized it can express their love through marriage, but the ones in states that do not legalize it cannot.  Thus while heterosexual and homosexual couples are becoming more equal, let it still be known that not all homosexual couples are equal.

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