Inferences Of the Ugly Duckling Ari` Barnes
By Marianna Mayer  

''He rushed into the forest and flew over the tops of small bushes''

I infer that he could not jump long or high distances because they made it known that it was small bushes that he had jumped over.

''He spread his wings and flew into the sky.''

I infer that he is not a duck. I have never seen a duck fly. He must be older and a lot more stronger than hey was. Before he could only go over the tops of small bushes, now he is in the sky with the birds.

''As soon as they arrived, they heard a terrible row. Two groups of ducks were fighting over a fish head. In the confusion, the cat swooped in the middle of the fight and stole away the prize.''

I infer that they were scared to even dare try to reason or get the fish head from the cat. I also infer that it was a cat and not any other animal, because the cat is known for eating fish, even there larger relatives, the tiger. They like to spend time in the water.

''I'll fly over there to get a better look, but i dare not disturb them.''

I infer that he thought that he could not disturb them and will not bother them but will get closer look.

''He could already hear their harsh words, though the had not uttered a sound. ''

I infer that he is so used to getting picked on at the sight of him, it became easy to know when someone would pick on him.

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