A place not to forget

Chicago is a very pretty city. Many people like to go there because the fireworks in the night are beautiful! If you go there, in the night, the building lights will shine very bright. When people travel, the often go to Chicago not only because of the night lights. It is because Chicago's monuments and sculptures attracts tourists. Chicago is usually named the seat of Cook Country. They call it that because there are restaurants that are the best ones in the whole world! The name "Chicago" is derived from a French rendering of the Native American word shikaakwa, translated as "wild onion" or "wild garlic" the Miami-Illinoise language. The weather in Chicago is very cold it can reach up to 2 degrees! Right know in chicago it is 6 degrees, with a humidity of 83%.


Chicago is not only famous for attractions, it is also famous for its food! One famous restaurant is called "Chicago Brauhaus". There, they serve meat, burritos, and much more! Another famous restaurant in Chicago is called "Lou Malratis", it is a "Pizzeria". Many people enjoy going there because they contain billions of different types of pizzas including the most difficult pizzas ever. They have pepperoni pizza, triple cheese pizza, ham pizza, (one) cheese pizza, and many more different pizzas that the world's pizzerias have. Another famous restaurant in Chicago is Donald's Hotdog. There, they serve hotdogs! There are not much different types of hotdogs, but they are extremely delicious.


In Chicago, the climate there, it is usually cold. If you somehow travel there, you have to bring jackets, long sleeves, turtleneck jackets, etc. In the winter, it get super cold! You cannot even move in the winter in Chicago. The hotter it can ever get in Chicago is 25 degrees. It is very hard for Chicago to get hotter than that! It gets hot in the middle of June and July. It is actually like 6 degrees right know and it feels like 4! That is very surprising because here in Santa Cruz, bolivia, when it is usually 12 degrees, it actually feels like 16 degrees! Nobody ever thought it would be so cold unless you would go there!


Chicago is one of the cities that is the most populated because of their show and fireworks at night. At night, fireworks are the sky's owner. The fireworks take all the attractions specially the tourists attractions. That is why many people that go there one year for vacations, want to go back there for vacation again the next year. There is also this park that many people go to. It is called The Navy Pier park. It is not like any other boring park in the world; it contains a wheel that goes round and round with people inside! It looks really fun to go there because of all the parks there are in Chicago. Not only that, but the fireworks are really cool! Specially at night!

Best Hotels

In Chicago, there are one of the best hotels for when you go, you stay there. One of the best hotel is "Central Loop Hotel". It is very cool because It has a big plasma tv, it has a big dinner table, a meeting table, lots of chairs and it is a very good hotel. Another hotel is the "White hall hotel". It is a really cool hotel because the beds are big and the rooms are really big for a small family. A really awesome hotel in Chicago is the "Omni Chicago Hotel". The hotel has a big wide room that is usually used for parties and weddings. It contains a gym and an indoor pool, (which is the best one). It also has its own grill bar.


Chicago is a great city. I wish I could live there, so do other people. Many people love visiting it. When people go there for vacation, they love the things that are there and they always remember what they did in Chicago. Every year, they want to go to Chicago! It brings really great memories. The greatest thing is that people go there every year and experiment every single thing that they see in Chicago

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