Tootise Baby Jeff

I, Thomas Jefferson served as the 3rd president of the united states from 1801 to 1809. I loved science, technology, and innovation. One of my favorite devices was a rotating book stand that could hold up to 5 books at once. I also loved reading. I myself owned 6,487 books total.

I was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase. On January 1, 1772, I married Martha Wayles Skelton (Jefferson) and had 6 kids. But out of all 6 only 2 survived into adulthood.

In 1760, having learned all i could from Maury, i left home to attend the college of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virgina's capitol.

On my tomb stone was written " Here was buried, Thomas Jefferson, author of decleraction of independence, of the statue of Virginia for religious freedom and father of the university of Virginia

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