This Year In 8th Grade

Social Studies

This year in 8th grade, I have Mr. Coe for Social Studies. Social Studies is my fourth core class, which is my last class before I go to encores.  In Mr. Coe's class, things are interactive, which I like because that's how I learn best. I honestly can say that I think this will be one of my favorite classes this year.

Language Arts

This year in 8th grade I have Mrs. Gordon for Language Arts. Language Arts is my  third core class. I have always liked Language Arts.I like the reading we do, different novels and such. Therefore I honestly think I will like this class very much.


This year in 8th grade, I have Ms. Roscoe for my computers class. I've never had Ms. Roscoe before, but so far it seems fun. She seems really nice and her room is very neat and organized. I look forward to this class, and having it again next semester!