Jewish  Childhood

                            My topic is the Jewish Childhood because I felt like they really didn't talk about them. Another reason why I chose the Children because I love children and I felt bad about the babies and the children. Why would one person what to kill little babies? I wonder what the kids every do to him. What if someone kill his child for no reason I think he will be sad but he deserved that because he was a person.

                        10 Facts

- Children were killed when they arrived the concentration camp

- The most concentration camp that children died at Auschwitz

- Children was killed immediately after birth

- Children were born in ghettos  

- Children were also born in camps who survived because prisoners hid them

- Children usually over age 12 were used as laborers

- Children were killed during reprisal operations its also called anti-partisan operations

- Jewish children died from starvation and exposure as well as lack of adequate clothing and shelter

- Children were too young to deployed at forced labor

- Children dug holes but they didn't know that hole was for them

History of the Holocaust for Children Timeline

In 1933 Hitler came to power

In 1933 all Jewish was sent to the back of the class

In 1933 Jewish couldn't play in the streets

In 1933 All but few Jewish students are banned from public high schools

In 1938 all Jewish children are moved to Jewish schools

In 1938 all Jewish children are expelled from public schools in Germany and Austria

In 1939 all Jews were required to wear armbands or yellow stars

In 1942 didn't have transportation and attend school

In 1943 children are looking for their parents mothers calling their children's names

In 1934 there's a school called Hebrew

                                5 Heroes

Anne Frank- She was a little girl that had to go in hiding because she was in danger

Margot Frank- Anne's older sister that had to go in hiding because she was in danger

Jackie- Anne's best friend that wasn't Jewish

Hanneli- was her friend that was filled with lies

Susanne- Anne's friend started her dairy

                       My Hero

        Anne Frank because she was so strong about everything that happened. So that's why she's my hero. She was strong about everything that happened. I felt really bad for her but I couldn't control anything.

          Why is it important for people to know about my topic? What should people remember about your topic?

  What the people went through and how bad it was. So people will know what was going on. How had times they had for doing nothing bad. It just happened to good people.


       By: Raki C. Alston June 2 2015

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