By Destiny Russell

Who is at risk?  Infants and children up to five years of age.  Anyone with HIV/AIDS or other immuno- defiency disorders. Anyone who has had transplant surgery and is on anti-rejection therapy.  Anyone who is on any drug which suppresses and/or alters immune system function, including steroids, cancer chemotherapy, biological response modifiers and others . Anyone receiving radiation treatment.  Women who are pregnant due to risk  the fetus.  Elderly, frail or people with poor nutritional status.

If in doubt about any condition or treatment you or a household member is undergoing, consult your physician as to its effect on immune status. Consult your physician if you or any family member develops diarrhea which lasts for more than a day.

The source for Salmonella are almost any kind of food or beverage can carry the bacteria that causes salmonella infection, although meat and eggs is the most common sources. The symptoms of salmonella Is Within 12- 72 Hours Nausea,Vomiting,fever,diarrhea, abdominal cramps 4-7 Days Illness ranges from mild to severe; most people recover without treatment  Severe Cases More likely with infants,elderly, people with impaired immune systems. Treatment Or injected antibiotics, usually for 2 weeks.

These contaminated ingredients or single foods (belonging to one food category) were associated with 1/3 of the the Salmonella outbreaks. Other includes: Sprouts, leafy greens, roots, fish, grains-beans, shellfish,oil-sugar,and dairy.

There is 10,000 sick in salmonella outbreak that is a lot of people that is getting salmonella chicken Sacramento (CBS13) — The recent salmonella outbreak has people thinking twice about buying Foster Farms chicken and considering alternatives.

“We have seen a 10 percent increase in our chicken sales since the outbreak,” said Julia Thomas at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op.
Thomas says salmonella cases like the one affecting Foster Farms are good for the organic food movement.

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