Six Sigma Training Online – A Guide to Understanding Its Various Levels

Six sigma online training courses have become quite the rave in the modern corporate world. Not only are the companies and organisations encouraging their employees to learn about these principles but corporate aspirants are also taking them up to add more weightage to their resume and further their careers. There are many reasons why its important that the modern manager be equipped with the Six Sigma principles – they help in enhancing the productive capacity of any organisation by leaps and bounds. Let is take a closer look at the various levels at which Six Sigma training is offered.

You can broadly categorise courses for six sigma training online into four levels – yellow belt, green belt, black bets and master belt certifications. Each of these levels is targeted to train an employee from a specific level of an organisation structure. The green and yellow belt training courses are meant for the lower level managers and workers in the company who form the backbone of the entire operations. Experts recommend that companies invest in training this segment of their employees more because they are the ones who are doing the actual work. Changes in an organisation’s work culture can become apparent and successfully implemented only if they stem from its roots. This is why corporate experts always encourage taking up yellow and green belt certifications in order to gain a better knowledge of these principles and begin to enhance its productivity right from the core.

Six sigma training online is also available in the black belt level. This type is meant for top level executives and is therefore aimed at creating leaders instead of managers. In fact, black belt certification offers to create project leaders and managers who can actively engage in creating an overall strategy for the organisation to incorporate the principles of six sigma in its operations. They also work on identifying bottlenecks and figuring out the most effective means to implement these changes to enhance productivity. The task requires the utmost level of management skills which is what this certification aims to instil in a trainee. Its role is to be the project manager and supervisor, overseer of the work. An interesting point to note here is that all black belt professionals also possess green belt certifications. They are therefore capable of handling tasks and managerial decisions related to every level of the organisation.

The fact that there is a great demand for the green belt certified workers just goes to show the importance of having green belt certified employees in the company. Green belt Six Sigma training runs the essential DMAIC method and makes the trainees capable of upholding every step of the success process using the Six Sigma methodology.

There are many companies that offer six sigma training online and a simple search can help you uncover a list of names to get training from. Just compare their courses and market reputation to select the institute that offers the highest levels of quality in training and orientation. Visit to know more.

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