Open Brand Summit

Model Associate


Brand Ambassador for Hire

Do you need someone to stand in front of a sign and smile? Would you like a nice young lady like myself to visually represent your brand? Does the thought of giving me money make you happy?

Yes, it does.

More than a Face.

Typically, it's very hard to get in contact with me. I'm out strutting the streets of Paris and New York with my super-fab model friends and getting things for free even though I'm already rich.

But the thing that really fuels my life is driving meaningful engagement for brands in the digital space. I want to help connect people. I want to forge lasting relationships never imagined before.

If you'd like to start some dialogue around your readiness to partner with the premier face of the world, I'm more than happy to participate. Just have your people contact my people and we'll get together over a nice cocktail.


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