Judge Wright Pleaded Not Guilty to Selling  Firearms

Tim Wright was accused of selling seven guns to a known felon, and lying while buying the guns saying they were for himself. Wright went before a federal judge and pleaded not guilty to his charges. The judge made him surrender all his license and hes been restricted to certain counties.

Arizona Police Officer Ran Over Suspect

An Arizona police office ran over a suspect with his patrol car because the suspect claimed too far out of fire range. Officer Michael Rapiejko ran over Mario Valencia as the suspect carried a rifle he had just fired in the air. Valencia's lawyer said the police used excessive force, but the police department said the deadly force was warranted because the suspect had a rifle, ammunition and was walking toward offices where hundreds of people work. The video of the police car striking Valenica has sparked a nationwide controversy over what type of force should be allowed to go after armed suspects. Valecia is facing 15 charges.

Teenage girl returns home after chemo treatment

A 17-year old girl in Connecticut with life-threatening cancer refuses to take chemo because she refers to it as "poison". In September, she was being treated against her will, but she told her oncologist that she didn't want to receive any of it. Since her mother is supporting whatever she decides to go, child-protection investigators took her from her home to a monitored CCMC room, and the hospital is giving her chemotherapy. They removed the teens phone from her and also took away the hospital phone in the room. They are currently at court with the situation.


The University of Alabama

The penalties for cheating can range from a reprimand to a penalty as severe as suspension for a designated length of time or even suspension. Deans have the authority to impose the full range of penalties. Any person who admits to or is found guilty of an academic offense for which a penalty less than an indefinite suspension is imposed will receive a penalty of indefinite suspension if he or she admits to or is found guilty of a second offense of academic misconduct.

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