Human trafficking is a big issue in all the world but I will be talking about the traffic in France, Paris and in Turkey, Istanbul and make a link to the films Taken 1 and Taken 2.

First of all, in the film Taken 1 Kim, the daughter of Bryan Mills a former central intelligence agency operative and Amanda, the friend of Kim travels to Paris. They are kidnapped by the Turkish mafia in their apartment. Just like in the real world, the Turkish mafia specialised in human traffic. They usually take visitors or locals of Paris. After that Brian travels to Paris to go find is daughter, he will find her friend, Amanda, dead of a overdoses in a house where the Turkish mafia stores prostitute. Just like real life, the government of France estimates that 1800 women in commercial sex trade are forced to prostitution. At the end like a lot of Hollywood movie, Brian will saves is daughter that was just sold too someone and he will kill the all the bad guy who participate to the kidnapping.

Secondly, in the film Taken 2 Bryan, Kim and Lenore, the ex-wife of Bryan and the mother of Kim travel to Istanbul. For Bryan it is a 3 day security job but it is also a family vacation. In another scene, they show Marko’s funeral is one the guy who died in Paris but is father is Murad. He is the boss of the Turkish mafia so he will be out for revenge. They will take Lenore but like the first movie Bryan will save her and kill everybody. Something to know is that since 1999, 250 000 women and girls have been trafficked through Turkey.

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