Game Warden

       Game Wardens are people who has a role in protecting our wildlife. They can be known as troopers or wildlife troopers. The jobs they do are really important because if we didn't have game wardens, our wildlife would be gone or endangered. They travel by their very own vehicle, most of them drive trucks. The reason why they drive trucks is because they usually get calls about someone illegally shooting a big game animal. They also have boats, they go out in the water and see what is going on in the lakes, rivers, and creeks. Sometimes they are on pursuit with another boat, but they eventually get them later on. People don't know when game wardens will get on to them because they are very sneaky. When they are called for someone poaching, they go to the person's house for details on what they look like, what did they drive, and sometimes what they shot and caught. After that, they go into the area where they think the poacher is at, and then hide in the treeline of the woods and wait for the vehicle or the person to go by and then get them. Game wardens take many risks, some of them get killed because of people shooting at them, running over them with their vehicles, and the boat sinking when he/she is on duty. When they are off duty, they can go hunting and fishing for fun and relaxation. I would like to take a chance and some risks to become a game warden because I love the great outdoors and protecting wildlife.