Brain On High
By: Colby K.

  Drugs, drugs, drugs. They are terrible horrible things. The brain on the other hand is a really good thing! So when these two things mix, things go horribly wrong. You may be thinking ‘how do things go wrong’? Well, you are about to find out how drugs do these horrible things. So brace yourself for what I am about to tell you.

Atrocious Alcohol

Alcohol, it is terrible. There are many consequences to drinking. Alcohol abuse (which leads to alcoholism) is a pattern of drinking that result in harm to one’s health. Alcoholism is a diagnosable disease characterized by a strong craving for alcohol. Also, it can lead to harm and or personal injury. Your health and your body are important. If you consume alcohol, you ruin both your health and your body forever. Did you know that alcohol has an effect on every organ in your body? Plus, if pregnant women drink, it can damage a developing fetus. Heavy use of this drug can increase your risk of cancers, strokes, and liver diseases. People that drink often put pressure on other people to start drinking. People start drinking for many reasons such as difficulties in life or watching a family member or person that they know and they look up to drink. Alcohol is in fact a drug that can kill you. Not only does alcohol affect your body, but it also affects your brain.

Alcohol can impact many parts of your brain. This drug actually impacts areas involving memory, formation, decision making, and impulse control. Also, intoxication can lead to impaired brain function, and motor skills. Alcohol can react with GABA receptors and makes them inhibitory. Then, the drug clogs glutamate receptors so it doesn’t allow glutamate neurotransmitters to enter the cell. Alcohol can also have after affects such as impaired coordination or slow reaction at times.  


Mischievous Marijuana

  Marijuana is a very bad drug. It can ruin your life by making a person’s personal problems way worse. It can maybe even lower your life satisfaction, can decrease mental/ physical health, and can make you have less academic and career success. These bad things can happen just because a person decided to test it out just once. The first time you try marijuana, it gives you a peaceful relaxed feeling but then, it can lead to anxiety or panic. Plus, it could also give the user an immediate “high” feeling.  This drug can also affect your health. When it gets to the lungs, it grows epithelial cells in the lung’s tissues which could lead to cancer. When the marijuana hits the heart, it can increase your heart rate. The dirty drug is abused in many different ways that you may not know about.

This drug can be abused many different ways. It can be smoked in cigars, or in pipes, in water pipes, and it can be mixed with food or brewed as tea. The most common way of marijuana being abused is being smoked. When it is smoked people roll up dried marijuana leaves and put them into cigarettes. Also, when the drug is smoked, it can cause increased absences, tardiness, accidents, and job turnovers. While or after it is smoked, the drug passes through the lungs from the blood stream then it carries chemicals to the brain and to other organs. The drug marijuana can also be abused as a blunt. A blunt is when a cigar has been refilled with marijuana instead of tobacco. The last way that marijuana can be abused is being ingested with food or a drink. This gateway drug can be brewed with tea then drank. The drug tends to have a sweet and sour odor. These abuses have many bad effects on the brain. Marijuana is considered a gateway drug because it opens the door to more drug use.

Marijuana (when it is mixed with the brain) can end up with something terrible. In fact, the drug can create a long lasting negative impact on the structure and function of the brain. It is so negative that it can cause impaired coordination, difficulty thinking/ problem solving, and can disrupt learning and memory. When the drug is used early, it can mark the increase of problems later on. Also, chronic use in a young person may increase the risk of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. Even though this is terrible, many teens do it. Marijuana impacts learning, memory, and problem solving and these impacts can last for days or weeks. When the drug is ingested, it targets brain cells called cannabinoid receptors. Most of the cannabinoid receptors are located in the memory, sensory, pleasure, thinking, concentration, and movement and those places where the drug attacks. It is not quite clear whether marijuana use causes mental problems, exacerbates them, or reflects an attempt to self-medicate symptoms already in existence.

Creepy Crystal Meth

Do you know what crystal meth is? It is in fact a very highly addictive drug. The full name for this nasty drug is Crystal Methamphetamine.

This terrible drug can impact your life and your behavior. Methamphetamine can lead to violent behavior which could hurt the user or someone else. Also, the drug can lead to psychotic behavior, which could lead to someone getting hurt. In the brain, mood disturbances and suicidal thoughts could occur. In another part of the brain, crystal meth will make you have visual hallucinations and delusions. Several people have said that they have structural changes in areas of the brain that involve memory and emotion. Plus, the body will begin to have increased weakness, increased physical activity, a very decreased  appetite which could lead to starvation, rapid heartbeat rate, irregular beating, and lastly, increased blood pressure. These things could lead to serious medical issues. Many people become highly addicted to this drug fast because this drug gives you a pleasurable feeling. Also, many people become dependent on the drug quickly. Plus, the drug works on the brain’s reward pathway making the user feel intense pleasure. While the drug is so addictive, it can have long term effects too. The long term abuse can lead to negative health consequences such as extreme weight loss, severe dental issues, and violent behavior such as anxiety, confusion, and mood disturbances. One of the dental issues is called “Meth Mouth,” which is where your teeth decay and fall out. While there are long term impacts, there are also immediate impacts such as increased blood sugar levels. Meth can lead to brain damage, flesh crawling, tension, headaches, death due to stroke, cardiac arrest, or elevated body temperature. So as you can see, meth is a terrible thing that can mess you and your brain up entirely.


Crushing Cocaine


Cocaine is one of the many bad drugs out there and is in line for the worst. The drug is abused in many different ways such as being snorted, injected, and smoking. All of the three ways can lead to addiction, severe health problems, or diseases. Injection can bring allergic reactions. When you ingest the drug it can lead to reduced blood flow. One the other hand, when you smoke cocaine, it can lead to loss smell, nosebleeds, and problems with swallowing, runny nose, and hoarseness. 

  Cocaine does not help you or your brain one bit. Actually, it worsens them. Like crystal meth, cocaine can increase your body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. Another reason why cocaine is like meth is that they both concentrates on the brain’s reward pathway. The drug can make the user feel energetic. The drug can lead to a greater risk of heart attack, strokes, seizures, pain, and nausea. A rare case while taking cocaine is that the user can have a sudden death on the first use or unexpectedly. One part of the brain that cocaine is active in is movement. That is why people that have abused cocaine can never sit still. Also in the brain, the drug shuts off the signals between neurons. Plus, the drug disrupts normal communication throughout the brain. Cocaine is faster absorbed into the bloodstream and is delivered to the brain. This terrible drug is way more intense than the high feeling. This dirty drug can also have long term impacts too. When the user repeats their use, it can lead to long term changes in the brains reward system and other parts of the brain. Those are all of the terrible things the drug can do to you.


So now you see that all of these drugs have one thing in common: life altering, negative impact on your life.  THEY ARE ALL VERY, VERY BAD FOR YOU. Drugs can do horrifying things to you and /or someone else. So NEVER EVER do any drugs, because they can hurt you and /or someone else. That is why some people die or get severely hurt. Many people get hurt by these drugs because they make the terrible decision to use drugs that ruin their lives forever.  A drug user can’t ever take back all of the things that they have done or the bad decisions that they have made throughout life. Make sure to never do drugs so you don’t regret decisions that can negatively impact your life.

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