The Canadian Shield

The geology

The Canadian Shield is just flat with round hills of rock which are remains of the ancient mountains. The Canadian shield is the largest region in Canada and covers a lot of Canada. This is good for recreation because the Canadian shield has rivers, waterfalls and vast forests. You'll get to see our valleys, rapids, rivers, lakes and our beautiful trees. Come and experience this region's cool geology!


The Canadian shield has long winters to -15 degrees celcius and short summers to 17 degrees celcius for those who like the cold winters in the boreal regions and moderately long cool winters up to -25 degrees celcius and moderately short cool summers up to 10 degrees celcius in the taiga regions. Since the Canadian shield doesn't have large bodies of water to moderate the winters and summers , the temperature range is great. Temperature's not bad so why don't you come on down and enjoy our summers and winters?

Soil and Vegetation

The Canadian shield is the largest landform region in Canada. It is separated from the tundra a tree line. Coniferous trees are found in the Southern Canadian shield because it would mean longer growing seasons and there would be more precipitation. During the years, Coniferous and Evergreens lose some of their pine needles. Since very few needles tend to fall, the humus layer is shallow. The topsoil would be grayish. Since the needles are acidic, the soil will be acidic. White/Black spruce, balsam, fir and pine grow in the north and densely in the south. They are harvested by pulp and paper and lumbering companies. Trees like poplar and white birch are hardy enough to stand the cold weather in the southern boreal forests. It is a nice place to enjoy our trees and our wonderful vegetation!

Human activities

In the Canadian shield, you can go canoeing, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, waterskiing, forestry, mining, tourism recreation and trapping. You can also go swimming, boating, horseback riding, cycle or just go for a walk and enjoy the nature. Here in this region you can go and do all of our recreational activities and have fun and it's great for all of them!

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