Learning to Teach
Day 36: Change of Scenery

Today I gave a lecture about psychological disorder, and I could definitely tell that it was not only an interest of mine, but for most of my students.

The other reason my students might have been interested, I moved most of the students to assigned seats. This was because the talking is starting to get out of hand with certain group of students in my classes. They were never bad before, but now for some reason it has grown to where I don't feel like either talking over, or saying "SHHHH" multiple times a class period. This was also noted by my host and supervisor during their observations.

I move the students to places where they would not be miserable (even though it did not really mater how they felt about it), because I match people by personality and pairing up certain students with my better ones. What I noticed was that there was more focus, less talking, and actually more participation from certain students. Although the ones that were moved and knew they were moved on purpose decided to not participate and stay silent. I made sure that there was movement and a break up of just lecture and talking. I felt today was a good balance in all aspects.

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