Dear Alien Family,
When our planet was being attacked by the beblorbs I ran off to a planet called Earth.I have landed in a place with very hot temperatures and giant grey creatures.The place I am in is called the savanna.I have learned that the the hot temperatures are caused by the giant light orb in the sky.Also there appears to be two seasons a dry season and a wet season I have measured the precipitation of the dry season and it gets about four inches of rain!The measurement of the wet season is about 15-25 inches of rain!There are long necked creatures with brown spots that eat leaves from high trees.The giant grey creatures are called elephants.Something exciting  is that i just saw an elephant push down a tree! This is an elephant.  

The tree the elephant pushed down is called a baobab tree. The baobab has lots of water in its trunk that's why the elephant pushed down the tree. Elephants can drink up to 50 gallons of water a day! That is what I learned about the savanna on Earth.

                          Your Daughter