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What about me?

What about me well im 13th years old i like to ride bmx also I go to greenacres middle school i was born on august 30th 2001 at the deconies hospital in Spokane Washington the first school I went to was kindergarten then I went to liberty lake elementary for five years after those years I came to greenacres middle school I have been here since 6th grade. I have three brother two older and one younger im the middle one in the family, I live with both of my parents and my grandparents.my dad and my grandparents are from Ukraine and my mom is from belarussia.The people I really care about is my family because they have always been there for me and I love them for that also my friends they are also some one I care about because they help me at school or outside  of school.Also i am a big fan of cars like mercedes,bmw,lambo, ferrari,pagani.     #whataboutme           #tech22  


this is were i live

i love to ride around on my bmx.

this is were i was born.
this is another car that i really l

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