Gay Marriage

The contemporary issue of whether or not same sex marriage should be legalized is a highly controversial topic that is debated worldwide. Gay marriage should be lawful; as every human should be capable of marrying the person they love. Furthermore, the union of two people should not be disallowed purely because of their sexual preference or other people’s religious beliefs.

Fortunately, this is an issue that we are increasingly aware every single day. Just thinking about the union of two people of the same sex used to be a taboo, but now, thanks to all the amazing awareness campaigns, we can finally debate the subject out loud.

Speaking of awareness campaigns, The Human Rights Campaign is one of the most known organization raising awareness for the LGBT community nowadays.­ "It actually is the largest LGBT civil rights advocacy group and lobbying organization in the United States".Today, it has more than 1.5 million members and supporters. This campaign is mostly known for its logo, which is pretty much one of the most recognizable symbols in this community and is also a synonym of the fight for equal rights for all the LGBT in America.

In March 2013, the United States Supreme Court was having arguments about two different cases of gay marriage equality, so The Human Rights Campaign shared a totally new version of its logo and opted for the color red, synonymous with love. The campaign went viral in a really short time and celebrities such as Beyoncé, Sophia Bush and Martha Stewart really helped to draw attention to the movement by sharing it on their Twitter. The Internet was completely inundated with red and showed the flourishing support for marriage equality all over the world.

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