Examining alternative policies to deal with the problem of Homelessness

1A. Policy

The Salvation Army policies of homeless is that they do out reach programs for individuals and families. They have counselling and provide clothing and food for the homeless. The policies of drug and alcohol use, you will be permitted to their rehabilitation center, there are one for women and one for men. They provide jobs counselling, a place to sleep, activities and meals and snacks everyday. They also have other activities like church, clean ups and out reach to other people that were in their shoes. The polices are temporary for some residents due to the fact they are support for for getting them back on their feet.

1C. Policy Proposed

The policy was put in to place in 1994. And expanded across the United State.

1D. Advantages

The advantages are if you have a drug problem you have to go rehab for training.

This picture shows an employee helping a family get help and giving the support and guidelines in their program

2A. Policy

Bill 42 makes it illegal for anyone to sit or lie on the sidewalks in Waikiki, while Bill 43 makes it illegal to urinate or defecate on both public and private property in Waikiki. Bill 46 is similar to Bill 43 except it applies to public places in Oahu as a whole.

2B. Who proposed the policy?

The City and County of Honolulu proposed this policy, but specifically, it was proposed by Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

2C. When was the policy proposed and/or put into place?

Control of the sandy area at Fort DeRussy was given to the City and County of Honolulu for a year to close a legal loophole of the previously stated bills that allowed homeless people to sleep in that area.

3A. Policy

2D. Advantages & Disadvantages o

3B. Who proposed the policy?

It was proposed on October 10, 2014.

3C. When the policy was proposed and/or put into place?

3D. Advantages & Disadvantages of their positions


This graph shows the amount of sheltered homeless people across Oahu.

An advantage is that it removes homeless people from that area. However, a disadvantage is that it does not completely get rid of the homeless people from that area.


The state Land Board proposed the policy.

Salvation Army- IPO K.

Catholic charities - Rona Furakormoto.


It was proposed and immediately put into place on September 16, 2014.