Sturt Desert Pea

[Swainsona Formosa]

by Tara young

How it survives in hot climates:

The small seeds have a long life, and can develop after many years. It has a hard seed coat, which protects the seed from harsh dry environments until the next rainfall. Once developed, seedlings quickly establish a deep taproot, vital for desert survival.

How it gets its water:

Because of the unpredictability of water, this eye catching annual takes advantage of rains by developing, growing and seeding quickly.

Its technical name is Swainsona Formosa.

It can withstand extreme temperatures.

It blooms in spring and summer.

This plant tends to flourish after every rainfall.

It is found on the open plains and in the dry woodlands in the Northern Territory and all mainland states of Australia , except Victoria.

This desert pea is an enduring plant with silky grey-green leaves rising from the lower stems.

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