Media - branding
                   4/8/15 Marie Kemkes

My favorite brands:

DM, Apple, Doc Martens, Converse, DFB, Snickers, Haldern Pop Festival

I'm very loyal to the Haldern Pop festival because one time my parents bought me a ticket to get in there and I was 13 so I was kind of scared. There are usually about 5,000 people and that in a small area. But I had so much fun and I went the year after that with my friends and after that again und I will go this yeartoo. There are really cool bands and very interesting people from all over the world. Last year, Sam smith was there. But I won't pay much more for the ticket, so they better stay with this price otherwise I'm out.

I'm also a huge fan of DM. That is a drugstore. I can't really explain why I'm so obsessed with this store but it really got me. Every time when I'm in the city I always go to the store, it doesn't matter that I already went yesterday to the store, I go again. It's not that expensive and it's really close to me. I don't think that I won't go to the store in my life. The can't lose me as a fan. That's pretty sad isn't it? Haha

I'm also a huge fan of soccer. The German national team or Bayern München. They share a lot of players. Bayern München is a really good team they usually win every game but 2 years ago they struggled and that's why I like them. They practiced hard to be good. Same with the national team. They will use me as a fan when they get arrogant or when the think they are better then others.

Popular logos

The popular logos have a lot in common. They are usually pretty big and short so that you can memorize them easily. And the companys use obvious colors like black or dark blue or red but they don't use often colorful logos, like every letter has a different color. They also have to pay attention that the logo with the symbol is simple and not too much. Also the font is really important. The first thing that you will see at a logo is the symbol or the picture and than the font and than actually the logo. So it's way harder to memorize a logo without a symbol.

My logo would be pretty simple and an animal. Not because I really like animals but the message is important. I would choose a ladybug and write in a circle around it Marie because a ladybug means in German 'Marienkäfer' and ladybugs are quite, little, fast, smart, brave, observers and not obvious. I'm always standing in the back and observe everything. I think all the characteristics match me pretty good.