Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

P. Howard

The Telephone- 1875

Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone that could transmit speech electricity. The Telephone helps humans communicate easier and faster. It gives us the opportunity to talk to each other long distance, and to receive and transmit sounds to verbal communication.

The Light Bulb- 1879

Thomas Edison invented Light Bulbs to give electric light. Light Bulbs are used for giving us light. Humans use light bulbs for mostly everything. Without light bulbs we would have to use candles and lanterns for our source of light. Is known to be one of the most greatest and valuable inventions along with the Automobile.

The Radio- 1895

Guglielmo Marconi invented the Radio for wireless radiation transmission. It is a communication system that helps humans get access to radio stations. It allows sounds from songs/people/talk shows, etc. Humans use radios in their cars, at home, work, etc. They help us get information from channels.  

The Camera- 1814

Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented the Camera to allow us to capture images. He made it possible for candid photos to be taken and not fade away. Camera's continue to change through many generations and technology.

The Typewriter- 1829

William Austin Burt invented the Typewriter to help us type. Typewriters allowed people to write letters, communicate, works used them, etc. The Typewriter was made to make up the keyboard which we use today for searching the web, typing, and many more.  

The Automobile- 1769

Karl Benz would get credit for inventing the first car engineer, which makes us the Automobile. The Automobile allows transformation other than wagen, walking, train, etc. Transports goods and people from place to place. Carries passengers from locations and would be known to be one of the most significant inventions.

The Printing Press- 1810

Johannes Gutenberg invented the Printing Press that would eventually turn into the invention of the Printer. It is typically used for texts and allows us to print things. It spread worldwide in the 1800's for the most influential events/invention in humans history.

The Revolver- 1836

Samuel Colt invented one of the first Revolvers. Revolvers are one of the first guns and are universally used. It is a repeating firearm, and can be used for protection or crime. Dangerous weapon, but was often used in the 1800's.

The Sewing Machine- 1830

Barthelemy Thimonnier was the inventor of the Sewing Machine. It is used to stitch fabric and other materials together. It was a way to make clothes in the 1800's. It has greatly improved the efficiency and productivity of the clothing industry.      

The Morse Code- 1838

Samuel Morse invented the Morse Code which is a method of transmitting language of electrical telegraph. It led to the creation of other inventions and the visual or other radio devices. It allows us to communicate over long distance, for example, military, overseas, railroads, etc.

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