Lord of the Geats

Replacement for Beowulf
By Sir Isaac Newton

Job Description


The position of “Defender of the Geats” must be one who eradicates any opposing force of evil that may pose as a threat to the people of Geatland. One must be quite valiant when dealing with such forces, making sure that things are handled properly. Beowulf was a great hero of our land; he was the epitome of a gallant warrior, with a doughty heart. Someone who wishes to derive the power that was left by our Lord must be a heroic and quite brave individual.

Key Responsibilities:

The role of the Lord of the Geats is to defend and honor the people of Geatland, with substantial force and authority. The individual who wishes to replace our great Lord must be able to establish stature amongst the people of Geatland. To exert their full strength and agility to fight off the villainous opposing forces, ones who are immoral and stained with utter sin.

Key Skills/Traits:

  • - Strength of 1,000 men
  • - Able minded
  • - Well educated, preferably in strategic war plans
  • - Charismatic
  • - Valiant, yet quite humble
  • - Nobleness
  • - Able to prohibit themselves from being bawdy

Company Overview:

Our well established company is settled in the beautiful land of Southwestern Sweden, also known as Denmark. The lands here are lush and radiant with different shades and hues of green. Located to Geatland is a gorgeous body of water, with the clearest of blue water. The water is so pure, it was said to have been purified by God himself. The perfect place to move to for work is here in Geatland, everything is utterly perfect, it was handcrafted by God himself, in order to please the great Lords who overrule the lands.

Contact Information;

If you wish to reach us in a response to our job description, please reach us at any of these numbers or emails.

Elsa WÖrden



Hans Griffendale



Sir Isaac Newton


4653 Cranbury Park, England




By applying for this position, I pursue to possess the great stature of becoming the successor of the recently deceased, great Beowulf.


University of Cambridge's Trinity College

1661-1668 B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

  • "Quaestiones Quaedam Philosophicae" ("Certain Philosophical Questions"). The "Quaestiones" reveal that I was able to diverge myself from the previous scientific notion of a revolution. I discovered the new concept of nature that provided the framework for the Scientific Revolution.


University of Cambridge’s Trinity College

| Cambridge CB2 1TQ, United Kingdom

Lucasian professorship 1669 – 1678

I was to give an annual lecture to divulge my newest and fascinating work to currently enrolled students; I was to do it to remain being exempt from tutoring.


  • Possesses the mastery of computing several complicated mathematics and science quandaries.
  • Enlightened thinker
  • Influential mathematician
  • Influential scientist and mentor
  • Essential leader

Personal/ Professional Achievements

  • Defining the law of gravity and the three laws of motion
  • Inventing the reflecting telescope
  • Defining theories of light and color
  • Invented calculus

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