The ocean biome #ecosys5


       Biotic               Abiotic

  • Killer whales                       water temperature
  • green sea turtles                amount of sunlight
  • the coral reef                      seashells      
  • sea grapes                         sand

                    Carrying capacity

                The large number of species that the environment can support.


     The resources needed for the killer whales to survive is their prey,oxygen,and sunlight

Evolution of the killer whales

Killer whales need oxygen even though they live under water but the killer whales had gained a adaptation,their blowholes.That allows them to swim under water while holding their breath for periods of time,then they'll go to the surface to get more oxygen and blowing out the water they had swallowed.

                       limiting factors

    Environmental conditions that limits the growth abundance,and distribution of an organism in any ecosystem.

Predator/prey relationship

Great white sharks hunt their prey,Green sea turtles and that helps keep the two species  population balanced.Sometimes weather could throw the balance off by the climate.The weather could get colder causing the water temperature to drop and some of the sea plants to die out. Green sea turtles herbivores and when the plants die out soon the sea turtles will  too from the lack of food.Great white sharks would starve or go into competition on hunting another prey.

                          Energy roles

                 The amount of energy being passed on to one organism to another.


Producers: seaweed,algae,sea grass

Herbivore Consumers: sea turtles,clown fish, manatees

Carnivore Consumers: dolphins,jellyfish,hammer-head shark

Omnivore Consumers: saltwater crabs,sea lions,sea otters

Decomposers: shrimp,hag fish,ocean's fungi

Energy transfer

Each organism recieves their energy from the organism they had consumed besides the producers because they can make their own food.


  Producers start all food chains,webs,and pyramids.Producers are important because consumers get their energy from the producers and from the animals that eat the producers.

                             Food webs

Food webs show many different consumers,and different interactions with the organisms.The marine food webs show how the energy flows form each organsims to another.

Algae removal

If the algae were to be remove,the krill's population would decreased because krill are herbivores and their diet is algae.The krill would probably have nothing else to eat,so their population would decreased.The krill's predators would have to find a new source of food.

                          Trophic levels

energy pyramid

  Each level of the pyramid shows how much of the energy is being transfer to to the organism.Each trophic gets smaller because less energy is being passed on to that specific organism.

base and the top levels

Producers are the largest trophic level because producers don't eat other organisms to get their energy,they can make their own food by the sun's energy called photosynthesis.The top predators get their energy by consuming other organisms and  the animals that eat plants causing the top predators too have less energy.


Chemcial equation

Photosynthesis resources

What is needed for photosynthesis is sunlight,water,and carbon dioxide.The products that the plant produces are oxygen and glucose (food).

Energy transformation in photosynthesis


    A turning or bending movement of a plant toward or away from the the external stimulus. (light,gravity,heat


If sea grass was growing toward the sun,moving where ever direction the sun goes,it'll bend toward that direction which is phototropism.

Another example would be is if algae were to grow on a rock then that is thigmotropism because the algae is growing upward to the sun to get it;s energy.

If the sea grass didn't bend in the direction the sunlight is,then the grass might die because they need the sun's energy to do photosynthesis.


   Decomposers are important because they break the dead to make nutrients for the plants to use to help grown and store the nutrients needed.If there were no decomposers then there would be a lot of waste,which could pollute the water causing many animals to die.

Marine decomposers

Fungi, starfish,sea slugs,marine worms.


  Adaptations are important because organisms have adapted to their environment so they get new abilities to help them survive in a specific to that ecosystem.Cats' paws are specificly made just the way they are because cats use them to paunce on their prey.

What plants and animals need to survive in our environment would be that animals need the ability to hunt so they could catch their prey,and plants would need to know how to store food for the cold months.

Switching environments

If an organism were to be switched to another environment then it would have to adapt to that specific environment and gain new abilities to survive.If you put a starfish in fresh water then the starfish would have to adapted to the fresh water since starfishes live in saltwater.

                        Natural selection

The process of living organisms that are better adapted to the environment they live in are better to reproduce than the organisms that don't adapt to the environment as good.

Natural selection is important because if an organism didn't adapted to the environment they are living in very well then the species would have a hard time reproducing and having population growth.

An example dolphins and other whales were naturally selected by having a blowhole.The whales and dolphins are mammals and only breathe in oxygen but since they live in water,they had adapted to living under seas than to on land.They envolved to get a blowhole allowing to hold in their breaths long periods of time,and come up to the surface to get more oxygen.

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