Tang Dynasty

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Tang Dynasty existed from approximately 618 AD - 906 AD  

Tang Dynasty is located in China and had a major influence on Japan and Korea. Much of the Japan and Korean culture was borrowed from the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty, Like Buddhism, Confucianism, the respect for nature, and the writing system. During this time period Buddhism declined, and Confucianism became more popular. Buddhism was at its peak during the early Tang dynasty, the Tang officials were of the Confucian discipline and regarded Buddhism as a disruptive force in China. Tang emperor started to persecution of Buddhists. Over  4600 monestaries and 40,000 temples and shrines were destroyed. The silk road connected the Tang Dynasty with western cultures and it helped the dynasty to extend westward. Some Contributions to our society from the Tang Dynasty were gunpowder, porcelain, block printing, spinning wheel, mechanical clocks, and the compass.The ending of the Tang Dynasty started during Emperor Xizong's reign when Huang Chao Uprising broke out.

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