The Tang Dynasty

The Tang was responisble for the creation of gunpowder, the compass ans block printing to name a few.

The Tang Dynasty had great influence on Japan and Korea

  The Tang Dynasty was one of China’s great dynasties. The Tang Dynasty lasted in around the years 618 A.D to around the year 907 A.D. The Tang Dynasty was the second largest and long-enduring empire in the region after the Han Dynasty. It very closely resembled The Han Dynasty also.

The Tang Dynasty was located in China. At its peak, the vast Tang Dynasty stretched from the Tarim Basin to the Korean Peninsula, and from Mongolia south into what is currently Vietnam.

Without the Tang Dynasty we would not have many things in today’s modern world. The people of the dynasty contributed a lot and some of those contributions include gunpowder, the compass, a mechanical clock, porcelain, spinning wheel and block printing. Without gunpowder all wars would still be fought with swords, the invention of the compass kick started some of the greatest voyages known to man. All of these contributions are huge parts of our life today. A few more contributions from the Tang Dynasty are tea, scroll painting, flame throwers and dance and music. All of these contributions are less important than the ones already stated but still just as interesting.

Many Dynasties are very interesting but I find The Tang Dynasty to be the most interesting.  A few interesting facts about the Tang Dynasty is much of Japanese and Korean culture was borrowed from the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty, a few examples of them are Buddhism, a writing system, Confucianism, and respect for nature. An interesting technique that is still used today is that officials in the government were required to pass difficult written exams that measured how qualified the individual was to serve in the government. The city of Changan grew to be the largest city in the world at the time with more than 2 million people living there.

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